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 I'm Mikel

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Mikel <3


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PostSubject: I'm Mikel   Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:03 pm

also known as Mikelzzz, DarkGod, dG` Zak, purplellama, Kakuzu, Divine God, and some more.
I usually use the nicks Mikelzzz or dG` these days though.

Anyways... I'm 18 and have played CS since 2001, I've never tried playing CS seriously, I've always played mods and my favorite one is wc3ft mod. (The old vers, 2.3.2)
I'm one of the head admins on the server. I help out with creating the new website and I help set-up the server.
If you find any bugs or maps not working just PM me or give me a holla on Steam and I'll take care of it... Smile


Love <3333 Love <3333 Love <3333 Love <3333

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I'm Mikel
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